Auto Industry

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A leading automobile manufacturer experienced year over year declines with their conquest marketing efforts.  Their options were limited on the data rental market: resold files sourced from outdated DMV automobile ownership data.  The accuracy of these files have suffered tremendously over the last decade due to privacy legislation.  Enter TMA Direct to cull auto-ownership from non-DMV sources with unprecedented accuracy.  Combining that ownership with best-in-breed modeling to identify in-market timing (including surveying across digital and phone channels), the client has experienced years of record growth.

Banking Industry

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A major banking institution was struggling to make a current direct mail program ‘work’ and came to TMA Direct for guidance. They were utilizing high priced, off-the-shelf banking prospect models; developed as a one-size-fits-all solution for financial institutions to more effectively prospect for new account holders. By shifting prospecting strategy to one that geo fences their footprint and combines analytics to better identify prospects based on their propensity to switch banks, we increased conversions nearly 1,600%.


Healthcare Plan

Data Solutions

Understanding that traditional direct mail offers still outperform most other channels to this customer audience, TMA Direct has built proven solutions for driving qualified response and better conversion of leads. In the case of one major plan, TMA Direct was able to cut mail volume by almost 50% over a 5 year period, while increasing the overall enrollment universe. Through a combination of past response and current enrollment analysis across plan types, aligning with provider network and outreach efforts, our custom modeling and unique scoring technique allowed this client to continue to identify top performing addressable data segments. TMA Direct has trimmed significant costs with predictive analytics that disqualify eligibles not likely to convert and directing resources toward those more likely to enroll.

National Non-Profit Organization

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A data owner with a sizable online and offline footprint hired TMA Direct to maximize revenue from these assets.  TMA Direct executed a comprehensive marketing plan to properly analyze, segment, and promote the data into multiple vertical markets.  In addition to sales and marketing, TMA Direct was tasked with all email deployment, data fulfillment, and reporting.  Over a two year period, TMA Direct generated in excess of a half million dollars in net revenue which provided significant added resources allowing for greater scalability of the data owner’s awareness and outreach campaigns.

Presidential Campaign

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A GOP Presidential primary candidate, with no prior political experience, needed to quickly build and scale a grassroots fundraising and awareness campaign. TMA Direct was engaged to lead overall strategy and execute all day-to-day aspects of the multi-channel grassroots appeals. Over a 12 month period, TMA Direct's efforts generated in excess of $40 million in donations at a $48 average gift while concurrently building an engaged email list of more than three million people.  When the candidate exited the primary, these fundraising and engagement results were unmatched by any other GOP contender at the time.