At the core of our business: We house, audit, standardize, cleanse, query, update, and report from customer databases which might include a single file of a few thousand records to the most complex relational database containing hundreds of millions of transactions. Regardless of file size every set of data must be imported, converted, standardized and its contents evaluated for quality and cleanliness—a fundamental challenge experienced by nearly every client we’ve serviced over the years.

More than ever, marketers now have access to a virtually endless supply of data attributes from which they can learn more about their existing customers or future prospects. However, having all this information does not guarantee a successful campaign and can actually cloud the process. At TMA Direct, we differentiate ourselves by analyzing each client’s goal individually and offering flexibility in an increasingly rigid, “automated” data processing landscape.


Predictive analytics has quickly become the fundamental practice behind successful direct response campaigns. Countless CRM platforms and applications with varying complexity have provided “business intelligence” to organizations for decades, steering the relationship with their customers. Similarly, larger direct-to-consumer marketers and organizations can apply this same science, or math, toward their offline prospecting efforts.

Identifying Individuals Most Likely to Respond

As technology continues to improve, we have a greater ability to collect larger sample sizes of demographic, behavioral, and transactional data points.  These data points allow us to more accurately identify individuals or households most likely to respond to an offer. While off-the-shelf solutions are available to assist in the build of these models, no canned software will outperform a custom model. 

TMA Direct builds response models of all types, taking into account the data that matters most to your particular challenges. We have been able to steer marketing spend to the most effective channels and we have successfully identified audiences most likely to convert—improving the bottom line.


TMA Direct provides end-to-end solutions for email campaigns. On an annual basis, TMA Direct handles the set-up and deployment of over 750 million emails for our clients looking to engage with their constituents through the email channel. From HTML design and set-up to deliverability management, response analysis, and segmentation, TMA Direct provides quick service and increased ROI for clients using this channel.

Let us improve email results with:

  • Template design: Including testing of rendering across all email clients with optimization for mobile formats where over half of all email content is currently viewed and growing. Template design can also incorporate social media widgets to ensure integration across multiple digital channels.
  • Organization of multiple split test iterations: Subject line and/or creative testing split across multiple audience segments with the ability to report engagement from any and all combinations.
  • Optimizing the highest deliverability rates: Through management of sender reputation and tracking/removing domain level issues impacting delivery.
  • Collecting new email subscribers in real time via API: From any number of landing pages and capture points, organizing related segmentation and triggered email that is most relevant to each audience.


TMA Direct can provide significantly more precise analysis on the effect of location to customers and prospects. Geotargeting is a topic gaining popularity based on its application in the online world. The ability to identify online users by IP address and apply specific geographic filters allows for highly targeted campaigns directed at individuals or households where specific location is critical.

In the offline world, Geotargeting primarily exists in the form of zip code filters, zip code radius selections, even models built around a selection of better performing zip codes. Rather than simply provide insight by five-digit zip code views, TMA Direct can more accurately compare similarities of households at a far more granular level.

In cases where we have built response models for clients, we can illustrate the higher indexing block groups and/or census tracts and identify future prospects sharing very similar profiles. We can also offer the possibility of layering in any number of other insightful attributes from your data or available third-party data within specified geography.