List Brokerage

Imagine an industry expert devoting total focus to your project and needs. That’s what you get with TMA.

Direct mail, telemarketing and email—no company knows big data better. And no company offers TMA’s personal, collaborative approach. With TMA, you get more than just a list—you get responsiveness, problem-solving and the ability to meet even the tightest of timelines.

TMA doesn’t specialize in one industry sector: we specialize in data. Organizations, corporations, fundraising campaigns—we’ve served them all with our high-quality, diverse recommendations.

We have the research skills to find the best of what you need—and the creativity to make innovative recommendations. And though we’re well-versed in the jargon of the business, our proposals are straightforward, with easy-to-understand recommendations and selections. What’s more, we know the industry well enough—and have the buying power—to negotiate deals on your behalf, such as aggressive net-name arrangements and volume discounts.

Agency Avenue

Fifth Avenue, East Wacker, West Pico, Peachtree Drive, Avenue A, K Street.
New York, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, DC, Seattle, Miami.

Most brokers might be daunted by the ad agency business. TMA thrives on it.

Our organizational infrastructure evolved from our work with agency clients. We’re designed to respond to your clients’ eleventh-hour requests and challenging deadlines. Our recommendations are delivered in an easy-to-understand, sleek and professional format—ready for you to slip into your proposals. And, because we’re not restricted by exclusive alignments, we have the freedom to track down the very best lists that reach a client’s often-elusive target market.

For direct mail, telemarketing and email campaigns, enjoy the advantages of our deep industry expertise. We’re current on the latest U.S. Postal Service, CAN-SPAM and telemarketing regulations and will thoroughly check any list before recommending it. Our in-house service bureau allows us to perform merge/purge and handle data appending on-the-fly.

We understand that your time and resources are too scarce to be wasted. TMA will partner with your agency to deliver results to your most important resource, your clients.