Digital Marketing

Stay on the cutting edge of electronic marketing with TMA’s digital services.

Capitalizing on our direct marketing expertise, TMA has a dedicated team of experts to assist clients with their online and digital marketing needs. Whether you are taking your marketing activities online for the first time or are looking to expand into cutting edge digital media, we have the resources to execute your project from start to finish. TMA’s depth and breadth of knowledge in digital direct marketing is unparalleled.

Email Marketing

TMA provides a comprehensive suite of email marketing services to its clients – design consulting, deliverability assessments, deployment management and email analytics. TMA utilizes its years of email marketing expertise to ensure your message is reaching its audience.

Lead Generation

TMA offers a tailored online lead generation program to help clients expand their internal marketing list in a cost-effective manner. With a daily reach of over 80% of the U.S. online audience and a monthly reach of nearly 100%, we can help you market to your target audience and generate new prospects. TMA also offers cost-per-acquisition (CPA) pricing for most lead generation campaigns – meaning you only pay when we’re successful in generating a new prospect for your product, service or cause.


Acquisition E-mail meets accountability with LavaMail.
Cost-effective: Formulated to validate E-mail traffic for TMA Direct clients,LavaMail takes the guesswork out of E-mail campaigns. By exposing E-mail campaign traffic from brokered lists, LavaMail ensures that investment dollars are directed to those sources that produce legitimate results.
Accountable: Post-campaign reportage includes detailed IP Address and Operating System forensics that identifies potentially fraudulent clicks for payment recourse and results analysis. LavaMail also ensures that the creative messaging 1) gets into the in-box, and 2) renders as designed so that interested prospects have the ability to act upon the offer – which until now is largely assumed to occur but oftentimes does not.

Advanced: State of the art technology counters the ‘images disabled’ standard where the bulk of prospect email is never seen in its desired form. Additionally, SPAM filters are tested with each outbound LavaMail deployment to ensure that deliverability is to the actual Inbox and not the Spam folder (which does of course count as a ‘delivered’ E-mail in typical reportage parlance).

Results: Click performance that can beat industry standards two- or three-fold. Vendor vetting with ‘under the hood’ reporting so results are truly known. Campaign analysis where data is solidly understood so creative and timing elements can be properly tested and optimized. Most importantly, ROI that is repeatable using a stable of E-mail vendors that are tried and true.

Take control of your email acquisition program with LavaMail.
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